Office support coordinator,
linda smith

"One of the many benefits of working for LINAK is that each and every employee knows how much their job performance is key to the company’s success."

Linda was previously employed by a restoration company that went through corporate restructuring and she was laid off.  Linda went to find work through a temp agency who sent her to LINAK for a one day assignment as receptionist.  She was asked to come back the next week and continued to return until about 4 months later, when she was offered a full time position. 

"At the time, I remember how lucky I felt. Since then I have progressed in my career, and about 2 years ago was given the title of Office Support Coordinator. LINAK encourages employees  to further develop their skills through on-site training classes. The LINAK values have encouraged me to be fair minded and responsible, and rewarded me for good decision making and problem solving skills."

Added Challenges
"I have had additional opportunities to challenge myself and my career through being a part of the SOCIAL and Safety committees. To plan events/contests and know the employees have enjoyed them is very satisfying.  Our Safety team is continually working toward a safe work environment.

LINAK is such a special part of my life.  LINAK has always been like family to me from the very first day of employment."

Added Benefits
"There are many amazing added benefits that LINAK provides including educational training programs, a tuition reimbursement program, employee social events such as the company summer picnic that recognizes employees with special awards. As part of a healthy initiative, we have an exercise room with numerous fitness machines.  LINAK also provides fruit on Tuesday/Thursdays and a healthy snack on Wednesdays every week.

If someone was considering a position with LINAK, I would say to consider themselves very lucky!  You would work for a professional and growing company that also cares about the employees."